PhD, Columbia University, New York, NY - 2007
Counseling Psychology (APA Approved)
Dissertation Sponsor: Robert T. Carter, PhD
Dissertation - Individualism as a Predictor of Dispositional Bias in Clinical Attributions:
The Moderating Effects of Multicultural Knowledge and Awareness

MA, Naropa University, Boulder, CO - 2000
Counseling Psychology
Thesis Advisor: Betty Canon, PhD
Thesis - The Practice of Gestalt Therapy within a Brief Therapy Context

BA, Prescott College, Prescott, AZ - 1993


2006 - 2007
Columbia University Medical Center
New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY
Predoctoral Internship (APA Approved) - Cross Cultural Track
Director of  Training: Susan Sussman, PhD

Current teaching appointments

2007 - Present
Assistant Clinical Professor
Mount Sinai Beth Israel Residency in Urban Family Medicine
Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
The Institute for Urban Family Health, New York, NY

2009 - Present
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education
Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY


New York State Licensed Psychologist (#6489114)

recent presentations

Williams, B. (October 2016). Motivational interviewing in the patient centered medical home.
HRH Care. Peekskill, New York

Williams, B. (July 2015). Strategies for working with the triply diagnosed: HIV, mental illness and substance abuse. START Treatment and Recovery Center. Brooklyn, New York.

Williams, B. (February 2015). Working with patients with hiv and comorbid mental illness.
Renaissance Sydenham Family Health Center. New York, NY.

Williams, B. (February 2014). Motivational interviewing to increase medical adherence.
AIDS Service Center. New York, NY.

Alfasi, G., Williams, B., and Quick, M. (Oct. 2013). Integrating narrative medicine into the family medicine curriculum. Family Medicine Education Consortium Northeast Region Meeting. Philadelphia, PA.

Williams, B. and Alfasi, G. (May 2013). Introducing Narrative Medicine to the Family Medicine Residency Curriculum. Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, National Conference. Baltimore Maryland. 

Williams, B., Mumford, J., Margalit, D., Smith, N., Keshinover, L., Grossman, R. (May 2013).
The CHF Team: Improving patient care through a multidisciplinary team. Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, National Conference. Baltimore Maryland.

McLendon, L., Williams, B., Schlussel, Y., Kennis, M., Leasy, M. (April 2012). Sexual dysfunction in family practice. Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, National Conference. Seattle, WA.

Williams, B. (Sept 2011). Improving care for the triply diagnosed patient. Pederson - Krag Center. Wyandanch, New York.

Williams, B. (August 2011). Cultural competency in psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. The staten Island LGBT Community Center. Staten Island, New York. 

Williams, B. (August 2011). Reducing health disparities among patients with hiv, substance abuse and pschiatric illness. Metropolitan Medical Center. New York, NY.

Leanza, F., Williams, B., Roth, R., & Keaton, Z. (May 2011). Evaluating the Modified GAPS: Asolescent health screening and SBHC utilization. Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, National Conference. New Orleans, LA.

Keaton, Z, Roth, R., Williams, B., Leanza, F. (Oct 2010). Is there a gap in the GAPS?: Using guidelines for adolescent preventative services to predict adolescent outcomes. Poster presentation - Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, Northeast Regional Conference. Hershey, PA.


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Carter, R. T., Pieterse, A. L., & Williams, B. (2005). The decline of white racial - cultural dominance in counseling and psychology: Summary and reflections on the impact of multiple perspectives. In R. T. Carter (Ed), Handbook of racial - cultural psychology and counseling: Theory and research, Volume I (pp. 414 - 422). New York: Wiley & Sons.

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Williams, B. (2000). The treatment of adolescent populations: An institutional vs. a wilderness setting. Journal of Child and Adolescent Group Therapy, 10, 47 - 56. 

professional affiliations

2008 - Present
Society of Teachers of Family Medicine